Friday, March 5, 2010

Talking God

Without revealing myself as a psycho, I'll just throw it out there. . .

Does God talk to you, too? And if so, more importantly, how? Less important - what does He say? (Less important because, regardless of what He says, I'm quite convinced we'll hear it, interpret it, apply it wrong, so what does it really matter, except to make us even more psycho, and worse, possibly dogmatic, which is just no fun at a cocktail party or a school committee meeting, you know?)

So in the last few days, as soon as I've turned on the car radio, that Coldplay song, Clocks, has been on. Not just that though. The same line of the song - the one in which Chris Martin asks whether he's part of the cure or of the disease. Just coincidence? I think not.

Does God talk through song? Does He inspire through song? And how exactly does He get into the heads of the artists, many of whom don't seem particularly "religious" for lack of a better word. And why that artist? Or is the artist unimportant, and only the audience that matters? And what the heck am I supposed to think about being part of the disease anyway?

As friends, who might eventually find this little ditty, know, I've been writing a book. Actually, I might say the book is written. At present, I am rewriting the book, which is taking three times as long as writing it, and is a whole lot more painful and less fun. Anyway, this "talking god" concept features heavily. It rolls around a lot in my head, I guess. Anyone else?


  1. I think God puts us in situations or with people that will "speak" to us, as long as we're open to/listening for the message with a sincere heart. I also think that last part takes some serious, humble, prayerful soul-searching -- so that we're not interpreting random events according to our purely human understanding and selfish motives.

  2. Artist are naturally spiritual beings. As are many people who work with their hands and heart. Artist have visions to create a moment. While the mainstream artist may come across as not playing by the rules. They some how connect with the world through some form of or paintings, they create a spiritual moment that we can all feel and if we are lucky we can become inspired to carry on with our day in a way one carries on after reading scriptures or maybe running. To take a regular day and add inspiration is a gift given by...?? It's a gift all humans carry but perhaps not all cultivate this, some do and some don't. But certainly one can not label a spirtual being by any measure accept by an act. What motivates our deeds through the day? Art, maybe or just pure goodwill. It is a simple good gesture that inspires the next. The common person appreciates the small good act. And that is enough for some and others culivate bigger acts and others...seem to create a world filled with struggle. Do they listen to God proable not. It is unfortunate for the good working artist, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather that we have to be exposed to the every day troubles of the world. Inspiration is important for everyday life, how ever we can see or hear the simple beat of the moment.