Friday, March 26, 2010

Insight into the XY Mind or How to Have Terrific Self-Esteem Despite the Acknowledged "Problem"

Here's an insight into the male mind, and it just sneaked up on me yesterday, and almost got by me without my even noticing. Hopefully, my husband will excuse me for sharing, but ladies, you have to know! Because it's a trick we need to partake in.

So, I can't remember exactly what I said. Maybe I complimented Jim's outfit or something. To which he responded, "I know, I don't look bad for xxx pounds." There you go. Just like that - DEFINE AWAY THE PROBLEM!

Let's give it a whirl.

"I really rock this bikini for 200 pounds or so."

"My face looks pretty young for having all these wrinkles."

"I made a delicious dinner, given that I burnt it like an incinerator."

"My kids are just the best, considering how rude and obnoxious they are."

"I had a great day at work for having been fired. The morning was terrific."

There you go. Everything's great. YOU'RE GREAT! Believe it. You would if you were guy, you know, for having that Y chromosome and all.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow. Wish I could have seen what Kriste said... Anyway, yeah, you gotta love those guys. They always think they're hot, no matter what. As for those xxx pounds -- UGH!! Middle age is NOT kind!!

  3. Haha. It wasn't anything interesting. I was just being a brat and informing her of a spelling mistake. I removed the comment after she fixed it.

  4. Know-it-all Yalie! (Do they still call you that? That was the nomenclature when my sister attended Vassar in the 60's.)