Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammys Score a Hit

My son says I'm too critical in my blogging, so here are some nice words.

Really enjoyed the Grammys. I thought it was great to see some of the oldsters - Bruce (yikes, hate to say he's old, but at least he was pushing a new album, so he's old and productive), Paul McCartney, Glen Campbell, the Beach Boys. It was good the establishment didn't wait any longer to give those guys their day, because next year might be too late for it too still be sweet-nostalgic and not sad. But pairing them up with Foster the People, Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton - good idea, made them ageless and relevant. Again, next year might have been too late.

Just a wee bit of criticism? It was too early to hear Whitney done by Jennifer Hudson, although she looked and sounded great. It would have been better to have some video clips of Whitney herself. And Nicki Minaj? Now, I haven't read anything about what she was trying to pull off, and maybe I missed something critical when I decided to take a shower just before she went on. But, when I got out of the shower and tuned in to see what I missed, I thought the Grammys were over, and I was watching a horror movie. I'll admit, I questioned the programming choice, but I decided not to watch cause I don't like that type of stuff before bed. Then I heard some applause, and it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't a movie. And then I looked closer, and thought maybe Gaga was really desperate in her efforts to remain cutting edge. (I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan, so I didn't recognize her. But I didn't like it either.) Oh well.

End on a positive note. Kate Beckinsale, as usual, looked great!

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